MLB Power Rankings – Week 8

The Yankees and Red Sox continue to dominate. The Nationals, despite having most of the week off, shit the bed. AL Central continues to be an embarrassment. How about those A’s, 2 wins against the Red Sox and 4 game sweep on the Blue Jays.

1NY Yankees38930-13Same
4Houston24130-18Up 4
5Philadelphia22526-18Up 2
6Milwaukee19028-19Up 3
7LA Angels15626-21Down 3
8Chi Cubs13825-19Up 2
9St. Louis13725-19Up 2
9NY Mets13723-19Up 5
11Arizona13125-21Down 5
12Oakland11525-22Up 7
13Washington11224-21Down 8
14Seattle11027-19Up 1
15Colorado8525-22Down 2
16Pittsburg7726-20Down 4
17San Fracisco024-24Same
18Tampa Bay-3322-23Up 3
19Toronto-5922-25Down 3
20Cleveland-6422-23Down 2
21Minnesota-9119-23Down 1
22San Diego-12020-28Up 2
24LA Dodgers-20620-26Up 1
25Texas-21218-30Down 3
26Detroit-28520-26Up 1
27Cincinnati-29516-32Down 1
29Chi White Sox-45213-30Up 1
30Kansas City-47414-32Down 1
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