MLB Power Ranking – Week 10

The Astros are starting to separate from the pack and join the leaders. Though, they still have some catching up to do. The Mets continue to fall while the AL Central leading Indians inch into the top half.

2NY Yankees55737-17Same
5Seattle34437-22Up 1
6Atlanta33435-24Down 1
7Chi Cubs26933-23Up 4
8Washington20033-25Up 2
9St. Louis18132-25Up 3
10LA Angels17332-28Down 2
11Arizona15731-27Up 3
12Philadelphia13431-26Down 5
13Oakland12531-29Down 4
14Cleveland4930-28Up 2
15San Fracisco2629-30Up 5
16Colorado2230-29Down 1
17NY Mets-527-30Down 4
18Pittsburg-1830-29Down 1
19Tampa Bay-4828-30Down 1
20LA Dodgers-9629-30Up 4
21Toronto-14226-33Down 2
22Minnesota-15125-30Down 1
23San Diego-19827-34Down 1
24Texas-24425-37Down 1
25Detroit-26928-31Up 1
26Miami-44820-39Down 1
28Kansas City-55621-38Up 1
29Baltimore-65217-41Down 1
30Chi White Sox-67318-38Same
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