MLB Power Rankings – Week 11

The Red Sox had a tough time with the AL Central this week and as a result dropped to their lowest rank since week 3. The Indians continue their slow climb. Soon they may be ranked where a division leader should be ranked. The rest of the AL Central continues to disappoint though.

1NY Yankees71441-18Up 1
2Houston63540-25Up 1
3Boston60443-21Down 2
4Seattle46140-23Up 1
5Milwaukee36938-25Down 1
6Chi Cubs34336-24Up 1
7LA Angels27636-28Up 3
8Atlanta26536-27Down 2
9Arizona25533-29Up 2
10Washington23935-26Down 2
11Cleveland17233-28Up 3
12San Fracisco12732-31Up 3
13St. Louis11334-27Down 4
14Philadelphia10932-29Down 2
15Oakland9733-31Down 2
16LA Dodgers-232-31Up 4
17Colorado-3832-31Down 1
19NY Mets-11227-33Down 2
20Toronto-12928-35Up 1
21Tampa Bay-15228-34Down 2
22San Diego-16129-36Up 1
23Minnesota-21227-33Down 1
28Chi White Sox-70721-40Up 2
29Kansas City-75521-43Down 1
30Baltimore-81019-45Down 1
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