MLB Power Rankings – Week 13

The Astros manage to sneak past the Yankees to take #1. The Reds won all of their games but only moved up one spot. The Tigers lost all of their games but only moved down one spot. The Indians also had a perfect week and moved up 2 spots. Its nice to seem them finally playing like a division leader.

1Houston98252-27Up 1
2NY Yankees96650-25Down 1
5Arizona47644-33Up 3
7Atlanta35644-32Down 2
8Philadelphia33641-34Up 1
9Chi Cubs30742-33Down 2
10Cleveland26443-33Up 2
11LA Dodgers21441-35Up 2
12Washington20541-35Down 2
13LA Angels20141-37Down 2
14San Fracisco10240-39Up 2
15Oakland9640-38Down 1
16St. Louis4840-36Down 1
17Tampa Bay1737-40Up 1
18Colorado-14438-40Up 1
19Toronto-14536-41Up 1
20Pittsburg-20836-41Down 3
21Minnesota-25334-40Up 2
22Texas-26734-45Up 3
23San Diego-32935-45Down 1
24NY Mets-36631-44Down 3
25Detroit-46336-42Down 1
26Cincinnati-47832-45Up 1
27Miami-55931-47Down 1
28Chi White Sox-105726-51Same
29Baltimore-108323-53Up 1
30Kansas City-122923-54Down 1
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