NFL Power Rankings – Week 12

There are three teams that continue to dominate week after week, even when they lose to one another. The Rams, Saints and Chiefs look to be unstoppable.

The next bunch is a combination of teams that are red hot right now and is just what the league needs to make the playoffs interesting. If anyone else wants to make the playoffs they are going to have to upset the Patriots, Texans, Steelers, Bears and Chargers.

4Patriots31830Up 1
5Texans28830Up 1
6Steelers23731Down 2
6Bears23830Up 2
6Chargers23830Up 1
9Seahawks11650Up 5
10Vikings10641Up 3
11Ravens8650Up 1
12Redskins5650Down 3
13Broncos3560Up 7
13Panthers3650Down 3
15Bengals2560Down 4
15Cowboys2650Up 2
17Titans0560Down 2
17Colts0650Up 2
19Packers-8461Down 2
20Browns-9461Up 4
21Eagles-10560Up 2
21Dolphins-10560Down 5
23Falcons-12470Down 2
24Bills-14470Up 1
25Lions-17470Down 3
27Jaguars-28380Down 1
28Jets-33380Up 1
29Giants-34380Down 1
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