McDonald’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

The fast food chicken sandwich wars rage on and I am what you might call the collateral damage. That anal-ogy makes no sense.

Start over. Ok, McDonald’s recently introduced their own chicken sandwich as direct competition for Popeyes’ world famous chicken sandwich and the growing chicken sandwich marketplace.

Never mind the fact that McDonald’s already has plenty of chicken sandwich options in varying degrees of “No, thank you. I will pass.”

This new sandwich has some sort of fancy pants toasted potato roll, a lightly breaded fried chicken patty, some pickles, and a spicy sauce.

The spicy sauce is plenty spicy, but also they put too much on so, it kind of overpowered the whole thing. The pickles were average. The chicken wasn’t anything special either, but clearly they were trying to be different from their other chicken sandwich offerings.

I thought the bun was going to be brioche or something fancy pants like that, so it was a bit of a surprise to find out it’s a potato roll. I know this is McDonald’s, so it’s already peasant food, but jeez. Can you at least pretend like I’m royalty, so I’m not reminded how pathetic I am for eating your food?