Church’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich

Ever since Popeye’s created their chicken sandwiches, the world has gone nuts for the chicken sandwich. Chik-Fil-A always had a great chicken sandwich, but as soon as Popeye’s started having chicken sandwich shortages, every one wanted in on the fun.

So, I was not surprised at all when I saw that Church’s Chicken had a new chicken sandwich. I prefer the spicy versions when possible, because I like it when my scalp starts to perspire.

It has a “honey butter brioche bun,” which was kind of terrible. I wish they had put it on a larger version of their honey butter biscuits, because those things are truly amazing.

The chicken patty itself was ok, but not very juicy and the breading wasn’t nearly as good as their tenders.

It wasn’t that spicy and there were way too many pickles.

This was the worst chicken sandwich I’ve had since the chicken sandwich wars have begun and I have had the Jack-In-The-Box “cluck sandwich.” Stay very far away from this monstrosity. Eat only if you are starving in an apocalypse and you can’t scavenge for anything else.