The Check Named Willie Bowe

We tried to record a transcript of a DnD session back at the turn of the century. Im pretty sure Microsoft had the best voice recognition software at the time. This is what came out.

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It’s now Alsatian lights out the proving selects the dinosaurs and what is the but you were made selects make the opus baby silhouette some democrats are turning over there’s not use in the batteries and supporting abuse and all the people call it pushing their automobiles and neutral they aren’t on a manic anymore know they’re not automatic anymore its Las Vegas with the lights out and sonata degrees E. K. D. to unlock around my good intentions compounded they were no problem but my mother with a wasted years reality, and the phone and Woodward this heat and will recall made me realize a moral and divide dough make a move that I’ve loved you will just like sunny days we know Rico’s Worldcom invaded and I’ll do that make your own political a wall around I’m not thinking just sinking in this box to blame myself been some much like someone else never thought I would just been this way to that phone call made me realize, is today when outside the memo must Mason to call it a lovely book about when I woke up it today but cannot mine.  And she had with their go away no more signing

I’m sorry for what I did I did while the body tell me to it didn’t mean to do you want to agree time I’ve been down what I think I want it slips away goes excludes away smell you want my hands with areas I can’t wash away years in advance about in Europe and should I guess years Willis me maybe I can live with that maybe I needed to see light of chasing butterflies I’m sorry

Did I did well my body tell me to predict mean to be on the new data the period in a knoll olein and spell enables the priest to exactly read the oracle preacher for Ana wind unchecked online object revealed nothing the caster must remain stationery and concentrate on the object world will run and if the creature rules it successful saving the Roe versus battle casters learns nothing about that particular creature from the casting certain medical devices McGee the power of an alignment spell the reverse undetectable linemen to conceal the women of another or creature to 24 hours get off the computers and I love speaker with animals disability nor is the priest to comprehend and communicate with any warm or cold blooded normal war during animal that is not minus the priest is able to ask questions and receive a answers of of the creature although friendliness incorporation are by no means assured furthermore terrace this may be the base of this are likely in basically wary and coming three cheers the more stupid ones ones that make a name comments to the animal is friendlier for the same general Aidid as the priest there is a possibility that the animals do some fear or service for the priest this normally is determined by the DM note that the spell differs from the speak with monsters spell for this bill allows communication only with normal or giant mound and tested creatures such as AIDS bears cats and dogs elephants and so while the the the the the water and willing to do And canal what I’m going to do is to reveal the secrets of the live the player game If you can decipher this job levels secrets that I have been landed the game as the master the DM the dungeon master of which apparently this computer scrambles things so much that it’s hard to make out beneath thing coherent nevertheless I shall continue reviewing what’s going to happen in the baby case award bane been the key on inevitably shall he will permit to keep your greatest allies but not for some time yet more right now he wants nothing more than combat late all of you but there will, time when other powers one reason to a greater level than the community is desperate should he will recover.  And perhaps you’ll even see the light of goodness and passed one of the world leading sort the array from the team wish that he is a police department already in the body is a par with all extremely powerful magical Thorson the world Hewlett not things stand is a way the specially bay and even more so, if the players allow row will be key deciding how to combat or the but even after Alteon is deleted with the aid of the greater perils and will be presented at the high having dappled in the are the planes his spirit of wondering why the place is gathered more to power more than the content to use your body is possessive at this time the great demand will, “Robinson and I know this and begin wrecking havoc like it did days of Gordon and gravity there will be seemingly nothing to stop it but the players will find a way that they will kill a finance I would be possessed by the coast Cairo’s debt, and his power would not prevent it course at this point the game by a+survive web and with the miracle daddy to the planes they will be using weapons of mass destruction the sort of return with you, what entitle capacity demands of role on this a great delayed of the dare will be passed on firmer right now are of that there after he is released from his program to president of the territory to aggressively on to tell set in ’88 ball obtain and at this bill and motive to do the voters and any weapon better.  So I T. abilities sub-down castle walls of the civil below the bound column Calvin paradise to Mr. Fahrenheit and select to be called each of the other although Coastal’s “is left of them of the emerald and the other magical tools that do exist cartel ten will be the master of the use primary goal of the co though there?  Great that their greatest items there money “X. return address a couple shouldn’t avoid their time but will be a voice to write one beyond even the power of the handedly Mort the American art Agnos the PC’s those enclaves you know they don’t know is it came with the pass is believes on to Kirk Inman

Well as their “one of their clothes on to shirt he will also ingrain raw of the amulet to dramatic than in the globe and input of the right anniversary that took and transmission


Hes just like you, only better, in every way.