Wendy’s Jalapeño Popper Chicken Sandwich

Let me preface this by saying I bought this sandwich to try, but didn’t eat it for almost 3 hours. So, I warmed it up in the microwave to bring it back up to operating temperature.

It was surprisingly spicy and tasty. The chicken patty is the same one they use in the spicy chicken sandwich, which I’ve always enjoyed. Then they add some cheeses, a layer of bacon, sliced jalapeños, and a layer of cream cheese. All of this on a toasted butter bun. No veggies here. I’m being told that jalapeños are in fact vegetables. Sorry, colon. Double gulp.

My scalp perspired and it was satisfying. They put a few too many sliced jalapeños on, but everything else was balanced nicely.

Bottom line: if you can let this thing sit around for 3 hours and then warm it back up and it still tastes delicious, they are doing something right. Good job, Wendy.