Creatures the World Forgot

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Title:  Creatures the World Forgot
Director:  Don Chaffey
Lead actors:  Julie Ege, Tony Bonner, Robert John
Genre:  Action
MPAA Rating:  Not rated
Year: 1971
Reviewed By Stemshul


This movie has a very simple plot line.  Two brothers fighting over the ‘chief’ status and a woman.  All in all very unoriginal but I’ve seen worse.  Though I make light of it later I did like that the people were true cave people and incapable of speech.


I kept wishing I was watching it on DVD so I could find out how long I had until the end.  If you find people fighting in loin cloths interesting then you might disagree with me.

Lead Actors:

Well for not having to speak a single word the entire movie I guess they did alright.  I can’t imagine that it takes that much talent to roll around in the dirt and grunt though.

Supporting Actors: 

They could have put people suits on monkeys and had them do the supporting roles.  It was probably cheaper to hire the actors than make the suits though.


As long as they weren’t trying to do any special affects this movie actually looked good.  The scenery was beautiful and all the people were very attractive.  The costumes were probably fairly accurate, animal skin loin cloths and bone necklaces.  The only problem was the horrible special affects and editing. 


The sound sucked.  I was not convinced that the volcano was erupting, the grunting and yelling was muffled (this may have been a result of the quality of the copy I received but I don’t think so), and when the clashing sounds of the weapons didn’t line up to often.

Genre Fit:       

The genre is B movies boys and girls and this one’s a doozy.  We’ve got actors only b movie fans have heard of,  no budget,  shot in two days.  It fits right in.

After Taste:   

I was left with a very bad taste in my mouth.  It did however inspire me to make movies because if if people are given money to make movies like that I should be able to make a halfway decent living as a director..  Unfortunately movies like this one are doomed from the start.  Their limited budget and lack of talent leave them in obscurity.  There is a definite reason why it could not be found by normal means.  This just makes it that much more rewarding for those who look and do find it.

Total Tacos: 


Hes just like you, only better, in every way.