Give Me My Package!

Thanks to the stimulus moneys, I decided to stimulate the economy with a new computer purchase. My current desktop is about 9 years old, which is a dinosaur in computer terms. I found a nice pre-build on NewEgg with one of those fancy RTX 3070 graphics cards that you can’t get anywhere.

Yesterday, it was supposed to arrive by UPS. Since it’s expensive, I need to sign for it, so I was keeping an eye on the delivery tracking map all day. Then came time to pick up the child from school at 2:30 PM. The delivery info said the window was 4 – 8 pm and the little truck icon was stuck at the UPS depot in the center of town, so I figured I would be fine.

Within 10 minutes of leaving the house, I receive an email: “Sorry we missed you. We’ll try to deliver your package again tomorrow.”

WTF?! What unbelievable bad luck that was. I was so pissed. I just sat there in the car staring into space, which looked rather red. Then I started screaming “Son of a bitch!” in the car. Eventually, I calmed down and realized it was not so bad.

I wish UPS had better tools for tracking, because this wouldn’t have happened with Amazon. They specifically say how many stops away they are, so even if they are stuck at some depot, you know where you are in line. I feel like UPS has been around long enough, they should be able to figure these things out.

Today is the day. And I wait patiently for my new computer. I’m not leaving this house until the computer has been delivered. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice and expect to find shit in your sock.