Death From Above 1979 – Is 4 Lovers

I wasn’t ready for this. I knew Death From Above 1979 had a new album coming soon, but I didn’t know it was today. Holy hell was this a welcome surprise.

I’ve been listening to these guys since the early 2000s when their sound was a welcome change. The best way I can describe it is fast fuzzy dirt. They bring a special kind of energy that is almost punk in nature and I love it.

At 31 minutes, the album is over too quickly, but it’s a great ride. You got the catchy lead single One + One, which has been floating around for a couple months now. Other fun tracks include the almost video game-sounding Glass Homes, and the lighter ballad called Love Letter.

This album is very much in keeping with the usual Death From Above 1979 style and that’s OK. I think their evolution is slower than other bands, because their sound is fairly unique. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

But do put this on and crank it to 11. LET’S ROCK! Yeah-AH!