Dude, Youre Getting A Dell

I have to admit, Ive been a little preoccupied lately. I havent been working on the site as much as Ive wanted to. I havent gotten any work done around the house. Ive barely even spent any time playing video games. What have I been doing, you ask? Ive been planning my next PC build!

Its been nearly 6 years since I built my PC. It was a solid build and I could update a few things if I wanted. And honestly, it still does everything that I built it for and does those things well. Unfortunately, I did not build it for editing video and the gen 6 Intel i5 processor peaks out every time I try to edit video. Ive even had the whole thing crash a couple of times which caused me to lose all of my progress. My increasing interest in creating videos for YouTube and my general need to always have the newest and shiniest has finally caught up to me and a fresh build is imminent.

Katohater has been helping me. Mostly he has been my sounding board as I make all of the madness that is the ever evolving tech world make sense in my head. About a year ago we put together a theoretical build but many moons have passed since that list was assembled and with that many of the parts have become obsolete or fancier, shinier things have come into my price range. Many of the items are still on the list. Some were upgraded to a newer model. Others were completely replaced. Here is a link to my PC Parts Picker list. There isnt a GPU on the list because I have a decent one in my current build that I will be transferring over.

My plan is to order parts as they go on sale. pcpartspicker.com tracks prices and you can set alerts if a part falls under a certain price point. Ive already ordered the keyboard, mouse, and both storage drives. Once I have about 64% of the build purchased on sale I will probably pull the trigger and order the rest up. My goal is to be able to do a new build every 5 years. In the mean time this one will have to be able to facilitate my desire to expand from 1080p video content into 4K. (Need a better camera for that still…)

I love having the newest, fanciest tech. But, its more than just having something shiny, its the possibilities that the new gear bring. I try to be deliberate in my purchases. I just happen to want things that excel at their purpose.


Hes just like you, only better, in every way.