Watch Out For Bears

Our first camping trip with kids was a success. Mostly. They, of course, wanted a TV or tablet instead of beautiful scenery and fresh air. Kids these days.

On the way in, we saw wild turkeys and deer. On the first night, we were visited at the cabin window by a coatimundi peering in the window. Then there were blue jays and other birds I couldn’t identify.

It’s nice to get away from civilization for a bit. It’s also a lot of fun to chop wood and make fires. Sure you get smoked out and your eyes hurt, but it sure does unlock a primal feeling of accomplishment to burn shit.

And then there was that time when my 5-year-old son locked us out of the cabin. Luckily, one of the old windows didn’t latch all the way, so I opened it and popped out the screen, then threw the boy inside to unlock the door.

There were some nice hiking trails, trickling creeks, and plants that looked like poison ivy. My favorite part was the smell of freshly split juniper wood.

I really like camping, but I think the kiddos need to grow up a little bit more before the can fully appreciate it.