Go Big Or Go Home

A few days ago I posted about my new PC build. Ive started ordering things that are on sale. I just installed the 2TB SSD that Im going to keep all my files on in my old build to start transferring everything over. I also got the keyboard and mouse that I ordered today. In the past I have used pretty basic middle of the road keyboards and mouses. This time around, like with the rest of the build, I decided to go big. (No, I will not be going home!) And holy shit, these pieces of tech are amazing.

I got the Logitech Craft keyboard. This is one solid piece of gear. Im guessing its solid aluminum. (Im not a metallurgist so dont blame me if Im wrong.) The backlighting comes on like magic when your hands are above the keys and then goes away after youve removed your hands. The keys are nicely sized and spaced. Not only that but they feel good when you type and make just enough noise to let you know that youre working without being annoying. Then theres that dial in the corner. Ive only used it to adjust the volume of the music that Im listening to but from what I hear it can do some pretty cool stuff. Ill let you know what I find out once Ive had some time to play with it.

From Wikipedias “fancy mouse” entry.

My new mouse is the Logitech MX Master and it has no shortage of goodies to offer. The center dial thing has a lock and release button that lets you turn the ratchet on and off. With the ratchet off you have super fast scrolling and when its on you can be incredibly precise. It has that fancy molded shape that Im going to have to get used to. It doesnt quite feel right in my hand yet. Hopefully that gets better. The thumb area has another scroll wheel for left and right scrolling. Also, there is a back and forward button by the thumb which I am very excited about.

So yeah, Im super excited about a keyboard and mouse. Its not my fault that youre not cool enough to understand. These pieces will definitely be no kids allowed. Hell, I feel like I have to wash my hands every time I go to use them.


Hes just like you, only better, in every way.