Welcome to Phandalin

A Dwarf called Grunden Rockseeker, commissioned my companions, Malcer Windrivver, Gimble Nackle, and I to transport a shipment to Barthen’s Provisions. It seemed a simple task, so we agreed. With the exception of a poorly planned goblin ambush, we arrived in Phandalin unscathed.

phandalinUpon arriving at the provisions shop, Barthen tells us that Grunden has been captured. I wonder if the goblins had anything to do with this. We decide to get some food at the local pub. On our way we are accosted by a group of boys claiming to be the Redbrand Roughians. We brush them off and proceed to the Sleeping Giant.

We find a table and order some soup and wine. When the soup arrives so do the Roughians. After a quick altercation we have two of them tied up and the other two, well, are no longer a threat. We order more soup and a round for the bar on us.

With our bellies full, we question our captives. Clearly out classed, our new friends are more than willing to chat. It sounds as though the Roughians are being run by the wizard Glassstaff. He is by no means the leader. He takes his orders from something called The Black Spider. The Redbrand Roughians are roughly 20 strong and work from the abandoned Tresendar Manor.

Harbin_WesterThe townmaster, Habin Wester, arrives at the bar. He expresses his gratitude and agrees to house our captives in the town jail. He begs us to help rid the town of the Roughians. We agree. Malcer, always concerned with following the law, asks to be deputized. The townmaster does so.

We decide that it would be best for us to get a good nights rest and investigate the Redbrand lair in the morning. Rescuing Grunden is going to have to wait.

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I often get lost in my own thoughts and contemplation, becoming oblivious to my surroundings.

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