Wave Echo Cave

Wave Echo Cave lives up to its name. Throughout its passages you can hear the sound of waves crashing against the walls. This place was clearly the location of a great battle between the Dwarves and Orcs as there are corpses strewn throughout its many halls.

The Black SpiderDeep in the mine, in what appears to be a dwarven temple, we find The Black Spider and her companions camped out. The bugbears were easy enough to deal with as they mindlessly lined up for us to destroy one by one. The drow that escaped us in Cragmaw Castle was with her along with 4 more giant spiders. These foes proved the most difficult we have faced so far. We were blessed to have two very powerful scrolls that I was barely able to comprehend. Though, I feel that, with just a little more experience, I may have been able to cast those spells on my own.

We decide to search the rest of the caves to ensure that there arent any more of The Black Spiders minions lurking about. Just outside of the thrown room there is a dwarf called Slint who is tied up. He was part of the Rockseeker group and was taken by The Black Spider to help her find her way through the caves.

spectatorEventually we find the Forge of Spells. This forge had been used by the humans to harness the strange magics emanating from the caves. There is a beholder who called himself Spectator protecting the forge. Thankfully he did not see us as a threat and allowed us to examine the room.

Confident that the forge is safe we return to Phandalin. Malcer will take up his post as sheriff. Gimble will probably set up a poison shop, though its hard to tell with him, communication is not his strong suit. As for me, I feel I must quest to find the source of my power.

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