Terrible Trouble in Tenboar

lute1Recently I learned of a beautiful song that pays tribute to the great Kellen of Wellpath. I intend to learn the Gylas Bolfa so I may preform it at the next Silver Family Carnival. This gathering of my kinsmen, the countries greatest performers, is always the highlight of the year. Paying tribute to Kellen, the man who founded the Temple of Dylo, will be a great honor. It is of great importance that we remember the past as it was. There is always the added delight of the Odali familys disapproval. Those fools have no love for life or tradition and concern themselves only with money and figures.

farmersdaughterOn my way to Tenboar, while chatting with a local farm girl, I encounter the noble Luther Strag. Luther has been sent by his father, Lord Linal Strag of Ilkwater Province, to investigate a disturbance in Tenboar. Equipped with his families crest and personalized sword this paladin is a site to behold. Traveling country roads is always better with a companion so we continue our journey together. The farmer seemed displeased with my encounter with his daughter so it was quickly becoming time to move on.

We arrive to find the main bridge entering the city of Tenboar is occupied by the militia. This ragtag band of men refuse us passage into the city at first. Luther explains that he is here to help and would like to hear both the local authorities and the peoples side of the story. After some persuading, the militia man agrees to bring us the head of the militia, Behrto Ormund.

Behrto explains that the Chancellor of Commerce, Peyton Odali, has raised the taxes suddenly and severely. Not only did he raise the taxes but Odali refused to meet with the city council to explain the increase. The violence started when one of the guards became forceful with Mrs Bealda and her son Jerid tried to protect her and the guard killed him. The townspeople lynched the guard in retaliation and the militia was formed in an effort to protect the people. Since then, there have been a few more murders but we were unable to get an exact count.

Having heard the militias side of the story we travel to the Mayors office. The mayor, Edmur Carley, was unavailable when we arrived. Instead we spoke with Peyton Odali. Odali explained that taxes were raised in an effort to purchase supplies needed to stave of a strange disease that had taken several citizens of Tenboar. The disease is being referred to as The Curse of Gylas. I suspect this may explain what happened to the boy, Johnny, who we encountered on our way to the mayors office. He was clearly deceased yet he was still alive. Hopefully we can get more information tomorrow when we meet with the mayor.

bard-4After our meeting with Odali we find rooms at The Stuborn Boar, a local pub and inn. The crowd was small and listless but I decided to preform a couple songs anyway. Nothing raises a groups spirits like demeaning their advisary. This was easy for me as we have a common enemy in Odali. As the crowd warmed up, Strag was able to endear himself to them and we learn about a great warrior called Lardo Kronstep of Relington: Slayer of Orcs. There are also tales of a ghost who comes out at night and hovers over the river howling.

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