A Burning in Sidol

Having solved the mystery of the vanishing dragonborn and concluded our business in Neverwinter, Zedheir, Patrin and I head south along the coast and then eastward into the interior of the sword coast. It is uncertain why we chose this path but we chose it none the less. And some might say that it was not by luck that we did…

After half a days travel we arrive at a small, but prosperous, mining village called Sidon. Like many villages in the area, a field stone retaining wall protects the inhabitants and there is a dirt square in the center of town. As we make our way through the square, we hear a booming voice coming from beside the church. A man dressed in plate armor and waving a great sword is preaching to a crowd of onlookers. Beyond him there is a small girl, no older than 10 years of age, tied to a stake. A pile of oil soaked sticks sits below her upon a patch of ground that has been charred black as night as this is no doubt a regular practice in this place. The girl looks frantically around the square as she slips and slides on the oily stick and her eyes lock with Zedheirs. The preacher bellows out “Burn her for witchcraft!” Her eyes still locked with Zedheir, she screams out a wordless plea for help as the men ignite the nicket at her feet.

Zedheir quickly rushes to the girls aid, Patrin fights off the guards and I summon a powerful wind to extinguish the fire. The common people flee but the charlatan and his minions insist the girl must be burned. After a short battle we prevail and rescue the child.

Now safe, the girl takes us to her home on the country side and explains that she was to be burned at the stake because the men believed her to be a hag. She was seen exiting the the swamp where hags are known to live. This fact alone was enough for the impressionable villagers to side with anything the chaplain decided. The girl, Rissa, explained that she has two younger sisters, Shayen and Vicia, who were sold to the Hags and Vampires in the area after their father died. Her mother has since died and she went to look for her sisters. She has no way to pay us but begged that we would help her rescue the twins. Naturally, we agreed. In the morning we venture to the swamp to find the hags.

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