The 5 Kingdoms – Prologue

The Great Ridge, a mountainous region that is nearly impossible to traverse, splits the kingdoms into three regions. To the far west there is the great Elven forest of Boismère. Closer to the ridge, the humans and halflings call Old Brunswick their home. Just south of the ridge the land of Stavrodrómi serves as a gateway between the east and west. Here you will find the most tolerant and diverse collection of people including half-orcs and dragonborn. In the east you will find the radiant human town of New Brunswick. Not to be mistaken for its inferior predecessor, the dirty and smelly Old Brunswick. Far to the northeast is the mountains kingdom of Throg Duthrum. Here the dwarves have build their mighty castles and forges.

These 5 kingdoms lived in peace for centuries. Then, nearly 64 years ago, a great gold deposit was found in the Great Ridge by the humans of New Brunswick. With the help of the dwarves they mined the vein and became very prosperous. Soon after the western kingdoms started mining the vein as well. This led to a great war. Many died as the greed of men enveloped the realm. But this greed attracted a new danger, dragons.

While the war raged a group of 7 dragons came to the region and began claiming the mines and the gold within as their own. Unable to stop them, the kingdoms retreated back to their home lands. Since then there has been no war but there has been no peace either.

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