The Party

I have been chosen to represent the elves in a special council of the five kingdoms. Personally, I cant think of a better choice. Being a paladin of noble blood I perfectly embody the task. So I have left Boismere with my loyal attendants, Greenburn, Violet and Leonidas. Before leaving the motherwood we meet up with another elf called Liana Nectar who would also be at the summit. As a druid she if often found quietly observing what is going on around her but from time to time she will carry on and on unconstrained by norms or expectations.

Upon reaching Stavrodromi, which Im told this is an ancient human word for crossroads, clearly whoever named the city is very clever, at any rate… Upon reaching the gates we are greeted by the local watch and escorted to the city hall where we are to meet up with the rest of our party.

The first of our companions is already there waiting for us. The dragonborn Heskan, native of Stavrodromi, is a strange creature. But then this is a strange town with all manner of beings living within its boundaries. Perhaps it is fitting that they chose an urchin to represent them on such a noble quest.

The next to arrive is the dwarf, Kokic, representative of the nation of Throg Duthrum. While I will never understand the ways of the dwarven people, it is apparent that Kokic is loyal to his comrades and true to his word, no matter the cost.

Our party is rounded out by a human who could be named nothing other than Monocle D. Tophat. He represents the kingdom of New Brunswick and, much like his home land, is shrouded greatness, mystery and chaos.

In the morning we set off on our journey to the summit. We are to meet with a great Amethyst dragon. Very little is known about this species of dragon. In fact, the only references of them is in ancient texts that have long been deemed obsolete. All modern accounts of dragons have removed this breed because it was believed the had been extinct.

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