Retaking Mine Town

Upon returning to Mine Town we were greeted by an unfamiliar sound. It was the hustle and bustle of the streets. This town, which had always been quite and empty, was now full of activity. Old buildings being repaired. New buildings being built. The market has reopened and our favorite pub, Sandies Place, was so full we had trouble getting a seat. Though, as long as Grim is with us, we always have a table waiting for us at Sandies.

A lot has changed in Mine Town. We learned that the mine has reopened and Stonebeard spends from sun up to sun down mapping out new veins of gold and iron. There is a new constable in town. A man called Anvar Gerkens. With the increased activity our good friends Timothy and Tomothy were no longer up to the task. This is probably for the best. Gerkens seems to be well liked by the towns people. All in all, things seem to be going well here.

Things are going well with one exception that is. The symbol of Odin has been removed from the temple and Father Shamus has been expelled. Balok has left one of his generals behind to watch over the town. Necro is acting as the high priestess in what is now the temple of Balok. Returning this temple to the followers of Odin would become our first priority.

We decided to free Rickie Vallish of his petrification. If nothing else, we have a common enemy in Balok. He explained that he thought he could use the god slayer to defeat Balok and become a god himself. This kind of arrogance will undoubtedly be the undoing of mankind. Rickie agreed to help us in our quest to defeat Balok. We spent the evening at Sandies talking to the locals and gathering as much information on Necro as we could. While there, Grim received an open invitation to speak with Necro. It would seem Balok has not forgotten the hold he had on our wizard friend not so long ago.

In the morning we visited the the temple. Our plan was to recover the pendant that we believed Balok was using to control Necro. At this point, I would remove any lingering control he had over her. The hope was that, once freed, she would rejoin Rickie and then aid us in defeating her old master. Unfortunately, things didnt go as planned. She handed the pendant over willingly but was unfazed by my abjuration. This left Grim in a state of rage that we had never seen from him. He attacked Necro with all his might, unwilling to let anyone who pledged allegiance to Balok remain standing. The rest of us joined in and we quickly dispatched the corrupted tiefling.

With our foe now ashes, it was time to set things right. The sigil of Odin would be returned and Father Shamus would be reinstated. In the event that he can not be found, the Church of Zeus will appoint a new priest and acolytes to preside over Mine Town. We hired the workers to continue repairing the building, but now doing it in the name of Zeus.

One last task needed to be accomplished before we continued on our quest. The people needed to be convinced that Balok was not their new savior, but rather a threat to their well being. Rickie, while almost completely useless in the taking back of the church, was in his prime during this task. There is nothing like a bard to rally a town to a cause. I have no doubt that we have the full support of the people of Mine Town.

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