The Battle of Boismère Forest

It has been hundreds of years since anyone has seen a dragon. The last known sighting was when Kirmizi-Ejderha-Ates, the great red dragon, came from the east. Chromatic dragons typically leave one another alone, respecting each others territory, in an effort to honor their queen, Tiamat. But, for some unknown reason, K-E-A attacked the green dragon Siyah-Ejderha-Zehir in its home, the Boismère forest. It is said that K-E-A boiled the waters of Silver Lake, which was believed to be the entrance to the lair of S-E-Z, in order to force the dragon out. The battle was fierce and went on for days.

The elves of Boismère forest did everything that they could to protect their home. Unfortunately, the rain of fire and chlorine gas was too much and they had to leave. Most fled to the human village, Boiston, on the edge of the forest, while others traveled the world. The battle left the forest in ashes and covered in a haze of poison. Nothing could live there for a century. As for the dragons, some claim they saw K-E-A fly east after the battle. Though, no one knows for sure what happen to the green dragon.

In the centuries since the battle, the forest has regrown. The elves have been able to return and establish a new home. Silver Lake, which was once full of all manner of fish and underwater plant life remains barren. This has made its waters clear and still. Despite being over 100 feet deep, you can see all the way to the bottom of the lake. The shore has been increasingly hard to get to over the last few years as a large thicket has begone to grow around its edges.

There is an area of the forest that has taken on some special properties. It is refereed to as Mortem Vitam Grove. This is believed to be the center of the arena that the dragons battled in. Here the blood of these ancient beings was spilled most heavily and as a result the soil has special properties. There is a moss that grows here called stabiliendum that is a base element in the brewing of all healing potions. There are few living who are able to harvest the moss without destroying it. The elven potion master, Dursilia Amakiir, and her daughter Potia are the only ones in the region with the ability. They have a potion shop along the main path into the woods, half a days travel from Boiston.

Recently, a pack of gnolls has been spotted around Mortem Vitam Grove. Stabiliendum has a foul taste to most but these vile creatures love its flavor and have been devouring it every time they come across it. Dursilia and Potias stores have been depleted and something needs to be done about the gnoll infestation so that they can collect more of this precious moss and prevent it from going extinct.

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