The Party is Formed

The apothecary, Potia, has asked her cousin Cyran Iansatra to form a party. She needs protection so that she can create an aura or protection around the stabiliendum in Mortem Vitam Grove. As a bard, Cyran turns to the pubs of Boiston to find some companions for the journey. The party will be provided with the potion shops remaining potions for use on the journey. They will be allowed to keep any treasure found along the way. Once the task is completed and the potion makers are able to restock their stores, the group will be able to purchase potions for half price.

While at the bar, the dragon born paladin, Von Scalington, approaches Cyran. As a servant of Bahamut, one of his first tasks is to visit Boismere Forest. The battle that happened there long ago is still fresh in the minds of the dragonborn people and the followers of Bahamut and its memory must be preserved. While it is not expected that he will gain any new knowledge, it is important that he sees for himself what has happened there. Additionally he has been tasked to investigate the strange growth around Silver lake. He will accompany Cyran and Potia to Mortem Vitam Grove with the understanding that he be allowed to conduct his investigations on the journey.

The temple of Thoth has instructed Huppert Talamie to investigate the disappearance of the green dragon. He is well aware that it is believed to be a fools errand as any information that he could find has long been destroyed. But, they had to get him out of the temple after the disturbance he recently caused. Hopefully this will give him some perspective and when he returns he will fall back in line. Despite this, he is eager to go. Any opportunity to gain knowledge, no matter how trivial, is a good opportunity.

The trail poses little threat. There are the typical goblin ambushes along the way but nothing that the party can not handle. Upon reaching Mortem Vitam, Potia begins her ritual. The bard, paladin and cleric fight valiantly to defeat the gnolls and protect the spell caster.

With the spells cast, the area is secure. Potia will spend the next couple of days collecting the precious moss. While she does, the party has agreed to travel to Silver Lake to investigate the strange growth around the banks.

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