Within the Thicket

After a well deserved rest, Potia begins harvesting the stabiliendum. Since their protection will not be necessary for a few day, Cyran, Von and Huppert, set out after breakfast to investigate the growth around Silver Lake.

Boismere Forest had been a pretty typical forest for most of their journey. However, the closer they get to the lake the more dense the woods become. An erie fog covers the ground. Additionally, it feels as if the animals are spying on anyone who dares approach the lake. Then, just when it seems you should be approaching the shores, the forest opens up to a giant wall of dense thicket.

The plant barrier is 10 feet tall, too thick to see through and extends for as far as the eye can see around the lake. Undeterred by this obstacle, Von draws his great ax and begins chopping his way through. After some time he is able to cut a passage that he and his companions can pass through. When they come out the other side they are filled with dismay as they are immediately confronted by another wall. This time there is a passage close to them.


The rogue is chosen to investigate the passage. When Cyran turns the corner, he catches a glimpse of the tail of a lizard folk. The party decide to engage the creature and when they do, he blows his horn to call his companions to his aid. The party takes a defensive stand in the passage and overcome their enemies.

With the lizard folk defeated the party notices a collective of kobolds watching around the corner. As soon as they realize they are spotted the little creeps hightail it in the other direction. The party gives chase through the winding corridors of the living labyrinth.

The creatures lead the heros to the entrance of a cave and vanish into paths that are too small for them to follow. The cave is poorly worked and dimly lit. As it winds into the earth the sound of rushing water grows louder and louder. Eventually, the walls change to masoned bricks and then opens into a well lit room.

At the opposite end of the room, standing at attention, is a lizard folk. When he notices the party he takes a defensive stance for a moment then turns, runs to the opening behind him and dives through a waterfall into the pool below him.

The walls are covered with etchings of green dragons at various stages in their life. Others show lizard folk and kobolds worshiping the dragon.

Huppert is now convinced that he was correct all this time. He theorized that when a great dragon died, after enough time had past, a new dragon would manifest naturally to take its place. He must report his findings to the temple in Boiston.

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