Within the Thicket

After a well deserved rest, Potia begins harvesting the stabiliendum. Since their protection will not be necessary for a few day, Cyran, Von and Huppert, set out after breakfast to investigate the growth around Silver Lake. Boismere Forest had been a pretty typical forest for most of their journey. However, the closer they get to […]

The Party is Formed

The apothecary, Potia, has asked her cousin Cyran Iansatra to form a party. She needs protection so that she can create an aura or protection around the stabiliendum in Mortem Vitam Grove. As a bard, Cyran turns to the pubs of Boiston to find some companions for the journey. The party will be provided with […]

The Battle of Boismère Forest

It has been hundreds of years since anyone has seen a dragon. The last known sighting was when Kirmizi-Ejderha-Ates, the great red dragon, came from the east. Chromatic dragons typically leave one another alone, respecting each others territory, in an effort to honor their queen, Tiamat. But, for some unknown reason, K-E-A attacked the green […]