Equal Pee

Bathroom SignSo, I guess public restrooms are a big deal right now. As best I can tell, people are being murdered or raped or something at Target because some woman wore pants in the womens restroom. The New York Times has a pretty good story about it. Some lady who was linked to on the Facebook has a pretty good blog about it. I guess my view is, if you have pants on you should go to the sign of the person with pants on, or dont, I dont care. If you have a cape on you should go to the sign of the person with a cape on, or dont, I dont care. If you are a small child, you shouldnt be in the bathroom alone. In the end, I dont think people are really at risk here. Let people go to the bathroom where they want.

On to a serious topic. Why are single stall bathrooms gender specific? This drives me nuts. If only one person can occupy the bathroom at a time, why does it matter if its a man or woman? Any and all single occupant bathrooms should be omnigender. I am so tied of having to wait for my wife to go to the bathroom because of a long line for the womens. If there are two bathrooms and no one is in one of them then the next person in line should go in the empty one. Simple. When you go into a multistall bathroom, if the wheelchair accessible stall is the only open stall, do you leave it empty? No, you get in there and do your business with more room then you could ever need!

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