Stand Up (Kick Love Into Motion)

Apparently people are bent out of shape because a few men arent standing during the national anthem at football games. How many of you were standing up in your living room while you were getting upset watching those men not stand up during the national anthem? – David DeVries

protestGreat point me. Lets look at why these men arent standing. Colin Kaepernick, the instigator of all of this, is kneeling because he wants to bring attention to the black lives matter movement. This article explains it better. I think its great that athletes are taking a stand, or kneel as the case may be, for what they believe in. Something needs to be done and it feels like the traditional channels of change are ineffective in this case. What Im curious about, and what worries me about all of this is: what needs to happen for Mr. Kaepernick and his friends to stand up again? There will always be injustice. Always. That doesnt mean that we dont do something. But, what do they hope to happen? When will they be able to look upon the flag with pride again?

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