NFL Early Season Picks 2016

With week 5 almost in the books its time for me to make some predictions.
tom_brady_2011East: Patriots (4-1)
I just cant see anyone stopping this team. The Bills are looking good but if Brady had been in the game I dont think they would have had a chance.
North: Steelers (4-1)
Possibly the best team in the AFC right now. The Ravens are the only team that could threaten them but I dont know if Flacco has it in him.
South: Texans (3-2)
Once again, this division is not looking good. The Texans are the only team over 500 and I feel like thats all its going to take to win here.
West: Broncos (4-1)
This division is going to be a battle ground. Right now the Raiders are on fire. The Broncos, despite a tough loss to the Falcons yesterday also look amazing. I feel like its going to be up to who wins those head to head match ups.
Wildcard: Raiders (4-1), Bills (3-2)
East: Cowboys (4-1)
Who would have thought the Romoless Cowboys would have gone 4-1? A loss to the Lions showed that the Eagles are not as strong as they look.
North: Vikings (5-0)
Sam Bradford is doing to take this team to the Super Bowl.
South: Falcons (4-1)
Im glad the Falcons showed up this year. No one else wanted to in the South.
West: Seahawks (3-1)
The Seahawks might be the worst team with 3 wins in the league right now. Fortunately for them the Rams are going to mess up.
Wildcard: Packers (3-1), Eagles (3-1)

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