NFL Mid Season Picks

We are half way through the season. Lets see how my early season picks are holding up.

East: Patriots (7-2)
Not only are the Pats looking incredible, but no one else wants to do any winning. Additionally, they probably have the easiest remaining schedule in the East.
North: Steelers (4-5)
I never get this division right. Right now, the only thing I can be certain of is that the Browns will not be winning this division. Though, somehow, at 0-10, they arent mathematically out of it yet.
South: Texans (6-3)
“Once again, this division is not looking good. The Texans are the only team over .500 and I feel like thats all its going to take to win here.” Samesies.
West: Broncos (7-3)
The west could very well send 3 teams to the playoffs this year. The Chiefs are in first right now but I feel that they are the worse than the Broncos and Raiders.
Wildcard: Raiders (7-2), Bills (4-5) Chiefs (7-2)

East: Cowboys (8-1)
This Cowboys team might be the NFC champ, if they stay with Prescott. That said, this entire division is over .500 right now.
North: Vikings (5-4) Lions (5-4)
The North is going to come down to week 17. Can the Lions defeat the Packers? Will it matter if the Bears cant beat the Vikings?
South: Falcons (6-4)
Im sticking with the Falcons for now. Look out for those Saints though.
West: Seahawks (6-2-1)
In 2013 this division only had 22 losses. Theyre already at 19 through week 10.
Wildcard: Packers (4-5), Redskins (5-3-1) Eagles (5-4)

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