NFL Divisional Week Picks

So, I was wrong about the Dolphins winning. More accurately I was wrong about the state of the Steelers. They are ready and looking amazing. Lets see how this week will play out…

Seahawks @ Falcons: Falcons
Seattle did pretty much what I expected to the Lions last week but the Falcons at home after a week off is a very different story. Matt Ryan is ready to show that he should be considered among the elite.

Texans @ Patriots: Patriots
Like I said last week, the Texans got lucky with Carr out. This week they are not so lucky. Brady is having a banner year and even the best defense in the league is going to have trouble stopping him.

Packers @ Cowboys: Packers
The Packers shut the Giants down last week. They have won their last 7 games, including 4 playoff teams. Its going to be tough but I think they go into Dallas and take down the rookie.

Steelers @ Chiefs: Chiefs
Every time I pick against the Steelers they prove me wrong. I feel like this year might be Andy Reids year.

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