NFL Power Rankings Week 5

Well, some big wins by the Bills, Panthers and Broncos shake up the top of the rankings. The Titans and Jaguars settle into a more appropriate spot in the middle of the standings. I often find the bottom of the rankings the most interesting and this week thats true. I dont know if Ive ever had 4 winless teams this far into the season. Of course youve got the Browns down there and the 49ers arent a surpise at all either. But how about those Giants and Chargers!

1Chiefs114-0Up 1
2Bills93-1Up 8
3Falcons83-1Down 2
4Broncos53-1Up 6
5Lions53-1Up 6
6Packers53-1Up 6
7Panthers53-1Up 8
8Redskins42-2Down 5
9Eagles43-1Down 4
10Patriots32-2Down 3
11Steelers33-1Up 3
12Rams33-1Up 5
14Raiders12-2Down 10
15Titans02-2Down 9
16Jaguars02-2Down 8
17Cowboys02-2Down 1
18Buccaneers02-1Up 1
19Saints02-2Up 2
20Jets02-2Up 4
21Texans-12-2Up 5
22Ravens-22-2Down 4
23Bears-21-3Down 3
24Cardinals-22-2Down 1
26Dolphins-51-2Down 4
28Bengals-71-3Up 3
29Chargers-80-4Down 1
30Giants-90-4Down 1
3149ers-100-4Up 1
32Browns-130-4Down 2

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