NFL Power Rankings Week 15

Lets start at the bottom. The Browns almost upset the Packers but lost in overtime. The Chiefs got a much needed win to prove that despite being the division leader they are only slightly above average. The Jaguars prove theyre the real thing with a win against the Seahawks. Not to mention the Falcons, Panthers, Eagles, and Steelers all had double digit point increases.

1Steelers6211-2Up 2
2Eagles5911-2Up 3
3Vikings5510-3Down 2
4Patriots5010-3Down 2
5Saints489-4Down 1
6Panthers469-4Up 1
7Rams369-4Down 1
8Falcons318-5Up 1
9Jaguars299-4Down 1
10Seahawks168-5Up 1
11Ravens117-6Up 1
12Titans108-5Down 2
13Lions107-6Up 1
14Chiefs87-6Up 2
15Packers77-6Down 2
16Bills57-6Down 1
17Chargers17-6Up 3
18Dolphins06-7Up 3
20Cardinals-76-7Up 2
21Redskins-105-8Down 4
22Raiders-136-7Down 4
24Bears-244-9Up 3
25Bengals-325-8Down 1
27Broncos-364-9Up 2
28Texans-394-9Down 3
29Colts-503-10Down 1

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