NFL Wild Card Week Playoff Picks

In my late season picks I got all of the division winners in the AFC correct. Look at the Bills sneaking in. As for the NFC, the Seahawks wet the bed and let the rams take the West. Not only that, but they didnt even get a wildcard spot. The Falcons limped in as the 2nd wild card spot. Here are my picks for this weekend.

Titans (9-7) at Chiefs (10-6): Chiefs
The Titans arent supposed to be in the playoffs. The AFC is so bad this year that an 8-8 team just missed a wildcard spot. Not to mention Andy Reed is awesome in the playoffs.

Falcons (10-6) at Rams (11-5): Rams
I just dont think that the Falcons have it in them this year. The Rams have won some big games, including crushing the Seahawks to lock in the division.

Bills (9-7) at Jaguars (10-6): Jaguars
This one has me stumped. First, the Jaguars won the AFC South. How did that happen? Second, the Bills snuck past the Ravens and got a wildcard spot. I picked the Bills because I just cant get behind the Jaguars.

Panthers (11-5) at Saints (11-5): Saints
The Saints have already defeated the Panthers twice this season. Theres no reason to believe they wont do it again. While Newton is a force to be reckoned with I believe that Breeze is a playoff game winner.


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