NFL Divisional Week Playoff Pics

Ugh, I sure did pick poorly last week. The only game I got correct was the Saints over the Panthers. Lets see if I can do a little better this time.

Falcons (11-6) at Eagles (13-3): Falcons
Man, if the Eagles still had Wentz this would be an easy pick. As it is, I just dont think the Eagles have enough to stop the Falcons.

Titans (10-7) at Patriots (13-3): Patriots
The Titans may have spoiled the Chiefs post season but theres no way they do the same thing to Tom Bradys Patriots.

Jaguars (11-6) at Steelers (13-3): Steelers
The Jaguars have made it an interesting season. This is where it ends. And for you Jacksonville fans out there: go here.

Saints (12-5) at Vikings (13-3): Saints
I know the Vikings are a much better team than the Panthers but the Saints looked good last week. This one is going to be another close game and will probably determine the NFC Champion.

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