NFL Conference Championship Picks

Once again, 1 of 4 on my picks. Its been a great playoffs for me. Good news is I can only get 2 wrong this week!

Jaguars (12-6) at Patriots (14-3): Patriots
I dont know how the Jaguars scored 45 points on the Steelers but theyre not going to do it again on the Patriots. That said, Tom Coughlin (Jags exec VP) sure does know how to take an underdog team and ruin the Patriots season.

Vikings (14-3) at Eagles (14-3): Vikings
The Eagles have had a good run but it ends here. The Vikings are on fire and I dont think anyone can put them out. The have the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl at their brand new stadium. The only chance the Eagles have is if they find a way to break the new found confidence that the Vikings have in their 3rd string quarterback.

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