MLB Power Rankings – Week 7

The highly unanticipated debut of my baseball power rankings is here. We are 7 weeks into the season and the league has played more games than twice as many games an entire NFL season. Looks like the Yankees and Red Sox are going to be the favorites this year. The American League Central (my Tigers division) on the other hand doesnt have a single team with a positive score. I cant wait to see how this plays out throughout the season.

1NY Yankees35428-12Same
3Atlanta18324-15Up 3
4LA Angels17624-16Same
5Washington16824-18Up 9
6Arizona16124-16Down 3
7Philadelphia16023-16Up 6
9Milwaukee12724-17Up 6
10Chi Cubs10621-16Up 1
11St. Louis9922-16Down 6
12Pittsburg9423-17Up 6
13Colorado7922-19Down 4
14NY Mets6319-18Down 4
15Seattle6122-17Down 3
17San Fracisco-920-21Down 10
18Cleveland-1020-19Up 3
19Oakland-1719-21Down 2
20Minnesota-5617-19Up 5
21Tampa Bay-10816-22Down 2
22Texas-12816-26Up 1
23Miami-15714-26Down 1
24San Diego-16516-26Same
25LA Dodgers-19216-24Down 5
26Cincinnati-21614-27Up 3
27Detroit-23817-22Down 1
29Kansas City-34413-27Down 2
30Chi White Sox-37810-27Same

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