NFL Early Season Picks

Its much to early to make any real predictions about the NFL season. But everyone has played at least a quarter of their season so Im going to give it a go.

AFC East: Patriots (3-2)
I really want to root for the Dolphins but I just cant pick against the Patriots. Not as long as Brady and Belichick are in New England.

AFC North: Bengals (4-1)
Its the Bengals turn. The Ravens arent the worst but I dont think they have what it takes this year.

AFC South: Jaguars (3-2)
This is a garbage division. 9-7 will be all it takes to win here.

AFC West: Chiefs (5-0)
The Chiefs are the best team in the league right now. The Chargers could make something happen but I dont think theyll take the division.

NFC East: Redskins (2-2)
Easily the worst division in the league. None of these teams should be in the playoffs.

NFC North: Bears (3-1)
Before the season started, I would have picked the Packers or Vikings. Right now, however, I dont have a clue. At least 3 of these teams will be playing for a playoff spot in Week 17.

NFL South: Saints (4-1)
The NFC South is going to be a tough division to win. It could go to any of the 4 teams, even the 1-4 Falcons.

NFC West: Rams (5-0)
Just like the Chiefs, the Rams are red hot. Seahawks might be able to put something together but its probably too late already.

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