NFL Mid Season Picks

Were half way through the season and have had a good look at what the divisions are looking like. Here are my updated picks.

AFC East: Patriots (7-2)
The Patriots have a 2 game lead and the one of the easiest schedules left in the season. Oh, and they have Brady and Belichick.

AFC North: Bengals (5-3)
The Steelers are hot right now but I still think the Bengals can pull it off. Their schedule is easier. They will have to beat the Steelers in week 17.

AFC South: Jaguars Texans (6-3)
The Texans are on a roll. 6 straight wins and a pretty easy second half of the season. Not to mention, none of the other teams showed up.

AFC West: Chiefs (8-1)
“The Chiefs are the best team in the league right now. The Chargers could make something happen but I dont think theyll take the division.” #StillTrue

AFC Wildcard: Chargers (6-2), Steelers (5-2-1)

NFC East: Redskins (5-3)
The Redskins have had a good second quarter.

NFC North: Bears (5-3)
I still think this division will come down to week 17. The Lions have surrendered but the other 3 teams are all contenders.

NFC South: Saints (7-1)
The Saints are on fire and the Panthers are hot on their tail. The Falcons, despite their horrible start, are still in it too. The South could send 3 to the playoffs.

NFC West: Rams (8-1)
With the burden of an undefeated season off of their shoulders, the Rams will continue to dominate in the west.

NFC Wildcard: Panthers (6-2), Vikings (5-3-1)

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