NFL Power Rankings – Week 15

The Saints take 1st place for the first time since the 3 way tie in week 10. The Chargers prove that they belong in the lead pack with an amazing last second win over the Chiefs. The Seahawks had a chance to clinch a wildcard spot but blew it in San Francisco. The Cardinals would have been the biggest losers this week but they only had one spot to fall. At least they are securely in last place now.

1Up 2Saints73131220
2Down 1Rams66-51130
3Down 1Chiefs6201130
5Up 1Texans4381040
6Up 1Bears3541040
7Down 2Patriots34-4950
8Up 3Steelers2111851
9Up 1Titans187860
10Down 1Cowboys17-4860
11Up 1Ravens159860
12Down 4Seahawks12-12860
13Up 1Colts1010860
15Up 2Eagles211770
16Up 2Browns-37671
16Down 3Dolphins-3-7770
19Up 1Bengals-84680
20Down 6Broncos-9-9680
23Up 1Buccaneers-27-5590
24Up 4Bills-294590
24Up 3Falcons-293590
26Down 1Giants-30-6590
27Down 4Lions-32-14590
28Down 2Jaguars-39-94100
30Up 249ers-5314100
31Down 1Raiders-54-123110
32Down 1Cardinals-64-143110
Highlights from Week 15

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