NFL Standings – End of Regular Season

AFC East: Patriots (11-5)
The rest of the East fell apart at the end of the season. Hell, the Pats only went 2-2 in the last 4. But they clinched a first round bye.

AFC North: Bengals Steelers Ravens (10-6)
The Ravens snuck past the Steelers by a half game, extending their season for another week. And that will be all for them.

AFC South: Texans (11-5)
A bit of a cool down the last 4 weeks for the Texans. I have to think it was a bit of a senior slump. With not much to play for and the teams they were playing scratching for the last playoff spot.

AFC West: Chiefs (12-4)
The Chiefs and Chargers are the 2 best teams in the AFC. They will likely face each other and I think the winner takes the Lombardy Trophy this year.

AFC Wildcard: Chargers (12-4), Ravens Colts (10-6)
In a long shot, the Colts win 4 straight to steal the last playoff spot.

NFC East: Redskins Cowboys (10-6)
Im not sure how this division is sending 2 teams to the playoffs.

NFC North: Bears (12-4)
The Bears are on fire, winning 4 straight. The rest of the north is a big turd.

NFC South: Saints (13-3)
The Saints could have been 14-2 if they had shown up last week. I think the most interesting thing about this division is the Panthers and Falcons at 7-9. What happened?!?!?!

NFC West: Rams (13-3)
The Seahawks are by far the best 2nd place team in the NFC. Second best doesnt get you home field or first round by. The Rams get that.

NFC Wildcard: Panthers Seahawks (10-6), Vikings Eagles (9-7)
The Eagles are the worst team in the playoffs this year. But, They just might ruin everything for everyone else. Nick Foles for president?

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