NFL Picks – Wildcard Week

Colts 10-6 @ Texans 11-5: Texans
The Colts have made a magnificent December run to get to the playoffs this year. Thats going to end in January.

Seahawks 10-6 @ Cowboys 10-6: Seahawks
The Seahawks have the experience. I feel like the Cowboys got lucky this year.

Chargers 12-4 @ Ravens 10-6: Chargers
The fact that the Chargers have to play this game on the road is the biggest flaw with the NFLs playoff structure. They are going to go to Baltimore and destroy the ravens.

Eagles 9-7 @ Bears 12-4: Eagles
I hate to pick against a team that is 12-4 going into the playoffs. But, if last year taught me anything, picking against the Nick Foles lead Eagles isnt going to work out.

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