NFL Picks – Divisional Week

Looks like I went 2-2 this week. I dont know if there has been a week where kickers were more important to their teams success…

Colts 10-6 @ Texans 11-5: Texans Colts
The Colts are on fire. There was nothing that the Texans could do. Lets see how far they can take this.

Seahawks 10-6 @ Cowboys 10-6: Seahawks Cowboys
Its never good when your kicker goes out at the end of the first half. Seahawks had to drastically alter their game plan when Janikowski got injured and it ended their season.

Chargers 12-4 @ Ravens 10-6: Chargers
The Ravens gave it their best but the Chargers were too much. Michael Badgley scored almost as many points for the Chargers as the whole Ravens team.

Eagles 9-7 @ Bears 12-4: Eagles
Dont ever count Nick Foles out. Looks like Philadelphia has a new “Mr. Playoffs!” Yeah, they got some help from the old double-doink, but sometimes thats how it goes.

We have an exciting week coming up. The Chargers are the only team left who hasnt won the Super Bowl. I think they are primed to make a run.

Colts (11-6) @ Chiefs (12-4): Chiefs
The Colts, well, I just dont know what to think. A few weeks ago this would have been an easy pick but now I dont know. Im rooting for Andy Reed this season so Im going to have to go with the stats.

Cowboys (11-6) @ Rams (13-3): Rams
I wasnt impressed with the Cowboys win over the Seahawks. I think this well rested Rams team is going to roll over the Cowboys and never look back.

Chargers (13-4) @ Patriots (11-5): Chargers
Normally I dont pick against the Patriots in the playoffs (or ever for that matter) but this year feels different. Its hard for me to picture an AFC championship without the Chargers. Hell, this may be Rivers year for a ring.

Eagles (10-7) @ Saints (13-3): Eagles
Yes, Im picking the number 6 seed to beat the number 1 seed, and arguably best team in the league.

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