NFL Picks – Championship Week

Lets see how I did last week…

Colts (11-6) @ Chiefs (12-4): Chiefs
The Colts had a good run. The Chiefs were too much though. There really wasnt a moment in this game that it felt like the Colts had a chance.

Cowboys (11-6) @ Rams (13-3): Rams
It went pretty much as you would expect. The Cowboys, despite never being very far behind, were never really in this game.

Chargers (13-4) @ Patriots (11-5): Chargers Patriots
There seems to be a rule. There are but a few teams that are able to beat Tom Brady in the postseason. The Chargers are not one of them. And, none of them are left…

Eagles (10-7) @ Saints (13-3): Eagles Saints
I really thought this would be the big upset of the playoffs. As it turns out, the Eagles never had a chance. If you want to beat the Saints in the playoffs youre going to need to be able to score after the 1st quarter.

Two games left to determine who gets to play in the Super Bowl. The remaining 4 teams are the 2 number 1 and number 2 seeds. They are also 4 of the top 5 teams ranked on the 64tacos power rankings.

Rams (14-3) @ Saints (14-3): Saints
These two teams have been at the top of our power rankings since early in the season. They have the most wins this season. They are the top 2 seeds in the NFC. One of them is going to the Super Bowl. I wont be surprised by any outcome in this game other than a low score. The Saints won the last time they met. I think theyll do it again.

Patriots (12-5) @ Chiefs (13-4): Patriots
As much as I want to pick the Chiefs, I just cant. The Chiefs are not one of the teams that can beat Tom Brady in the post season. Andy Reid is not one of the Coaches that can beat Bill Belichick in the playoffs. The only chance is Mahomes.

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