NFL Picks – Super Bowl

Rams (14-3) @ Saints (14-3): Saints Rams
What a game. They only scored about half as many points as I thought they would but it was close. In the end the Rams defense came up with a big play to stop the Saints in overtime.

Patriots (12-5) @ Chiefs (13-4): Patriots
This was probably the best game of the year. It was going to come down to who had the ball last. Defense wins championships. Thats what they tell me anyway. And the Chiefs defense only had 60 minutes in them.

Patriots (13-6) vs. Rams (15-3): Patriots
This years Super Bowl is between our 1st and 3rd ranked teams. While the Rams had a blistering regular season it doesnt matter now. They have one game to play and its against a team thats been in now 9 of the last 18 Super Bowls. No team west of Philadelphia has been able to stop them. This will be the second time these two clubs face off for the Lombardy trophy and Brady was the MVP 17 years ago. It wont surprise me if he gets it again.

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