NFL Picks – Mid Season

Here we are, half way through the season.

AFC East: Patriots (8-1)
This weeks loss to the Ravens was a reality check. The Pats still have the hard part of the season ahead of them but so do the Bills. If Buffalo wants this division they will have to win in Foxborough.

AFC North: Browns Ravens (6-2)
I believe I called this division a dumpster fire in my early season picks. Well, like a Phoenix, the Ravens have emerged from the ashes. They are on a 4 game winning streak including 2 playoff hopefuls. The Steelers are on the upswing right now too but without Big Ben I dont think theyll be able to catch the Purple Murder

AFC South: Colts (5-3)
This is the closest division in the league. All 4 teams could end up 9-7 or better. The Colts are undefeated in the division right now so Ill stick with them.

AFC West: Chiefs (6-3)
Just when I had completely written off the Chargers, they go and destroy the Packers. But, I dont think they have enough to stop the Chiefs. Especially if the Chiefs can knock out the Vikings with their back up QB.

NFC East: Cowboys (5-3)
The Eagles have not been able to get it together like I had hoped in my mid season picks. However, the Cowboys arent trying to run away with the division either. At least we know that the Giants and Redskins are out.

NFC North: Lions Packers (7-2)
Fucking Lions!

NFC South: Saints (7-1)
The Panthers have found their grove despite the absence of Cam Newton. Unfortunately, the Saints are the best team in the league right now. And their schedule is much easier.

NFC West: Seahawks (7-2)
Yup, Im not picking the undefeated 49ers. Im still not convinced that they are legit. I guess well see Monday night when the Seahawks go to Candlestick.

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