NFL Picks – Late Season

AFC East: Patriots (10-2)
The Bills are hot on the heals of the Patriots. But, the only way they take the division is with a win in New England in December. That seems unlikely.

AFC North: Ravens (10-2)
The Ravens are on fire right now and can clinch the division with a win in Buffalo this week.

AFC South: Colts Texans (8-4)
The Texans have emerged as a team to be reckoned with. A huge win last week over the Patriots proved that they are ready for the playoffs. That said, they still have 2 games remaining against the Titans who are only a game behind.

AFC West: Chiefs (8-4)
With a 2 game lead and the head to head tiebreaker, the Chiefs only need 2 wins to take the division. The Raiders really needed to win last week.

AFC Wildcard Picks: Bills (9-3), Raiders (6-6)
The Bills just need one more win and theyre pretty much guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. The Raiders will have to win at least 3. They have the easiest remaining schedule in the AFC.

NFC East: Eagles (5-7)
The Eagles last 4 games are against the worst team in the division (Giants), the 3rd worst team in the division (Redskins), twice, and the one team (Cowboys) they need to beat to make the playoffs. 8-8 could be enough to win in the NFC East.

NFC North: Packers (9-3)
The only hard teams the Packers and Vikings have left are each other. The Packers can lock this division down with a week 16 win in Minnesota.

NFC South: Saints (10-2)
The Saints have already clinched the NFC south. Now all theyre playing for is a first round bye. They already have a win over the Seahawks and Packers. Now they need to beat the 49ers this week.

NFC West: Seahawks (10-2)
This is the best division in the league. They also have the hardest remaining schedules in the league. Ultimately, the winner wont be decided until the 49ers visit the Seahawks in week 17.

NFC Wildcard Picks: 49ers (10-2), Vikings, (8-4)
The Rams are doing well but their remaining schedule is ridiculously hard. It wont surprise me if a 10-6 team doesnt make the playoffs in the NFC.

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