NFL Picks – Wildcard Week

Bills (10th) @ Texans (8th) – Texans
The Bills have had a great run but it ends Saturday in Texas. If December is an indicator of how well a team does in the playoffs the Bills have run out of gas.

Titans (12th) @ Patriots (6th) – Patriots
The Titans snuck into the post season in week 17. The Patriots couldnt beat the Dolphins, even with a first round bye on the line. I dont think either of these teams will go far. I cant pick against the Patriots in the Brady/Belichick era.

Vikings (9th) @ Saints (3rd) – Saints
Again, the Vikings didnt show up in December and the Saints are on fire.

Seahawks (7th) @ Eagles (13th) – Eagles
The Eagles only made the playoffs because they needed a 12th team. That said, the Seahawks only won one of their last 4 and have to travel across the continent and play in a very hostile environment.

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