NFL Picks – Divisional Week

Well, I got one game correct last week. The good Texans showed up. However, the Patriots confirmed my suspicions that they were the worst 12-4 team weve seen in some time. The Seahawks proved that it doesnt take much to beat the Eagles. As for the Saint, who the hell knows what happened. Anyway, on to the Divisional round.

Vikings (9th) @ 49ers (2nd) – 49ers
The Vikings upset the Saints. Theyre not going to do that again in San Francisco. Im not even sure that the 49ers are better than the Saints. But, theyre well rested and the Vikings have traveled a lot lately.

Titans (10th) @ Ravens (1st) – Ravens
The Titans proved that a second tier quarterback can oust the Patriots. But we knew that already thanks to Eli Manning. The Ravens are easily the best team in the league and I dont know that theres a team in the AFC that can stop them.

Texans (8th) @ Chiefs (5th) – Chiefs
This is a tough one. The Chiefs will play well. The Texans however, they could dominate or just roll over. Going to Arrowhead and facing Patrick Mahomes is very different than having the Bills come to your place.

Seahawks (6th) @ Packers (4th) – Packers
This one has me torn. Did the Seahawks get it together last week and win a huge game on the road or were they simply playing a barely over 500 Eagles team. Theres a chance that theyll be playing in the snow on Sunday and I dont pick against the Pack when Lambeau is blanked in white.

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