NFL Picks – Conference Week

I got 3 out of 4 right last week. Nobody picked the Titans to defeat the Ravens so I dont feel bad about that one. We are down to the last 2 games before the Super Bowl and this should be interesting.

Titans (9th) @ Chiefs (4th) – Chiefs
For the Titan to go to Houston week 17 and defeat the AFC South division winner to make the playoffs. Then go to New England to take out the AFC East division winner. And then go to Baltimore to overcome all odds and knock out the AFC North division winner. Thats an amazing accomplishment. But, after seeing what the Chiefs did to the Texans last week, I dont think the Titans can take out the AFC West division winner. Though, Id love to see it happen!

Packers (3rd) @ 49ers (1st) – 49ers
The Packers have not fared well on the West coast. They suffered an embarrassing loss to the Chargers. And, when they went to Levis Stadium at the end of November, they had their asses handed to them by the 49ers.

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